Does the phrase, "Go Big or Go Home" sound like what Lupe Fiasco is planning on doing for his final album?  It would sure appear that way, as the schematics of his upcoming album have been announced.  He is for sure going to go out with a BANG!  He is planning a three (that's right... THREE) disc set that will feature about a total of thirty tracks.  So what does this all mean?  It means that this could very well be the end.  At least he is going out with style.  I feel like he still has so much more to do, but then again, it is not like he is putting all three albums out at the same time... I assume that each part will come out at a different time.  Each disc that is part of this LupE.N.D. trilogy has a name.  The "E.N.D." has some significance in the titles of all three parts of the album.  Check out the names below:
  • "E" - Everywhere
  • "N" - Nowhere
  • "D" - Down Here
The album will be off the epic and rather great 1st & 15th, and Atlantic.  Again, we have no idea when the album will be released, originally it was planned for 2009, but with the news of three separate discs to the final, I assume each part will come out at a different time.  I assume that we can throw out the previous idea that the "E.N.D." part has to deal with what appears at the END of a video game.  But then again, Lupe is known for his love for video games and for skateboarding, so you never know.  I guess he will have to confirm that later or in the near future!  I truly hope that this won't be Lupe's last album, but as I get the news of this three part final disc, I get the feeling that 'it' is truly over...

More news on LupE.N.D. when we hear it!  Be sure to check back here for more updates on the album, and more reviews on other albums to come!

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