A quick update for the blog...
  • We are still looking for a designer or someone to help us out with designing a V3 for the blog, we upgraded to V2 about a year ago, and it was a quick transition from V1, when we first started the blog.
  • We added a new rating feature to the blog, it also will let you see similar articles from around the web.  So be sure to check that out, and leave a rating on the posts!  Please, if you are way to lazy to leave a comment, then at least give our post a rating after reading it!
  • Adding a VIP section could be tough, but it is something we want to do, so if we do, it will probably be a separate blog that is attached to this one... Meaning it won't be featured on the blog page, but it will be run by us!
  • We are looking forward to what will seem like a very strong November in which many hot albums will be dropping, so be sure to check that out in the near future!!!
Again, if you are too lazy to leave a comment, then just give a post a rating!  It would be greatly appreciated!


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