I don't know if any of you guys out there have heard of Mishon, but the guy is fantastic.  He is cousins with Chris Brown, and while I don't know how closely related the two are, there is a definitely a ton of CB in his musical ways.  The way his lyrics flow, the sound to his music, and his voice are all pretty similar to Chris Breezy's.  Now he is no CB, but he is for sure a fantastic musician, and I think that if you are a big CB fan, then you should for sure check out his cousin.  The guy had a huge single that when it first leaked on the web, people were saying, "Oh, that's a Chris Brown track..." Turns out, "Excuse Me Mama" is a Mishon track.  The two are very similar, let me tell you, and I hope to hear more music out of Mishon in the near future.  I have not heard of any album plans or much, but I know he has that Mama single out, so be sure to cop that on iTunes or Amazon.  It's a truly fantastic track, and I can't wait to cover more Mishon music in the near future!  I wonder what CB thinks about his cousin, and if we would ever see a collab effort by the two of them!?  Could be interesting! (NOTE: We have no valid sources saying that Mishon and CB are related, I have not heard it straight from a solid source, but word on the web is that the two are cousins...)

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"Excuse Me Mama" - Mishon:

Mishon @ Age 10... And Just In Time For The Holiday Season!!!

Commercial For Mishon - Dynasty Records

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