I can feel it...The Fray is making a comeback. Not that they really ever disappeared, but I have a feeling that their second studio album is gonna be hotttter than hot and colder than Iceee. But yeah enough with stupid phrases and sayings, this track list is huge, b/c it seems like the trend these days is to release a ton of unreleased stuff on deluxe editions and whatnot, so yeah, enjoy. And as I said, we will be covering this album when it drops. The Fray's second studio album is titled The Fray and looks like it's going to be soliddd (count the d's).

Check back when this album drops on February 3rd, 2009!!!
And be sure to support the band and buy the album!!!

P.S. If anyone has the presale password for the Webster Hall, NYC show we would appreciate it if you could put it in the comments for this post or drop us an email at Sickwitityo@gmail.com.

Track List:
  1. "Syndicate"
  2. "Absolute"
  3. "You Found Me"
  4. "Say When"
  5. "Never Say Never"
  6. "Where The Story Ends"
  7. "Enough For Now"
  8. "Ungodly Hour"
  9. "We Build Then We Break"
  10. "Happiness"

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

  1. "Fair Fight"
  2. "Uncertainty"

The following are included on The Fray (Deluxe Version) of the album on iTunes:

  1. "Where The Story Ends" (Piano Version)
  2. "Absolute" (Acoustic Version)
  3. "You Found Me" (Acoustic Version)
  4. "Enough For Now" (Acoustic Version)
  5. "Fair Fight"
  6. "Uncertainty"
  7. "You Found Me" (Music Video)
  8. "The Making of You Found Me" (Video)
  9. "Making The Album"(Video)

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piano said... @ May 11, 2011 at 11:16 PM

Knowing the Fray, the album is full of good music, plus the fact that they still use the piano in order to play the instrument. That would be a good idea in order to really use up these music to a whole new level.

piano said... @ May 13, 2011 at 10:28 PM

I'd have to say that listening to the fray is a very good thing to have. I just can't stop to admire how they play the instruments here and the message of the song!

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