So I'm sorry that this is turning into the Acoustic Song of the Week, but I just love acoustic songs! This week I'm comin' at you with a song from a semi-familiar band to many of you, but a song that I hadn't heard until actually about a year ago. And yeah you can get mad at me if you've heard these songs...maybe I should rename Monday to Hot Trax You Gotta Hear! Nah, I like it this way better.

New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday is a phenomenal acoustic song that's just soothing, powerful, and unique. The first time I heard it, two brothers were doing a cover of it, and seemed to be having so much fun and really connecting on stage. I feel that we can all relate to this song, especially because of these lyrics: "See the months they don't matter, its the days I can't take, when the hours move to minutes, and I'm seconds away..." I don't know about you, but I'm always counting down to something, and it's just really annoying when you're waiting for something that its so close, but so far away (like your birthday, or that vacation, or GETTING INTO COLLEGE!!!). And we digress.

Take a second, listen up, think about it, and reminisce. If you like my taste in music, you'll love this song. Keep on keepin' on...

"We try to avoid it,
But there's not a doubt,
And there's one thing I can do nothing about."




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