Kanye West, Lil' Wayne... both on the same track.  I understand that Fiddy is great at starting stuff, but the guy needs to learn to pick and choose his battles.  It would appear that the half a dollar is trying to rekindle some fight between the Graduate and the P.I.M.P.  Check the interview below and see for yourself.  I like the approach Lil' Wayne has been taking towards the 50 Cent comments.  He is a smart fellow, and knows that the would ether the crap out of 50 Cent, so he has just kept quiet... I mean why waste breathe on a musician who clearly is talking out of his butt.

Check the video below, see for yourself, Kanye or Wayne would destroy 50 Cent in a beef match, so I advise 50 to mind his own business and stick to his small-time beef fights with musicians like Rick Ross.

MTV Interview With 50 Cent:

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