Peep the music video for Asher's first single... If this is any indication as to what his album will be like, the music industry will be swarming with tons of new Asher fans.  This track is dang solid, so jump on it quickly, I advise all who are planning on looking for new musicians to listen to to give Asher Roth a listen, I promise that he won't let you down.  Anyway, check the music video below, peep his new upcoming album, and leave a comment if you want to!

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Anonymous said... @ April 2, 2009 at 9:02 AM

finally a fucking comment that isnt bashing him, people are so dumb, they're like "his lyrics are gay" well what the fuck about the souja boy bullshit on the radio, this kid at least is doing something new and actually creating a lifestyle in a song instead of just talking out of the ass, we been on this gay music so long that when a true artist comes along, we are too dumb to see it but hey maybe he'll change that, he's a smart kid with some serious integrity and also has a very wise incite on serious manners

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