These beef posts are getting hard to keep up with, but this will be the one and only time you see me support the man who guys by the name 50 Cent.  I personally dislike DJ Khaled, mainly because he is an awful "rapper" and an even worse "DJ".  Out of all the DJ's out there, he is in dead last.  He is just awful... "We the best..." NO SIR, YOU THE WORST!!!  At least if your going to try and be, "hood" speak a bit of proper english, no one from the "hood" talks that badly, the correct statement, seeing as you are too dumb to figure it out on your own, should be: "We are the best..."  Anyway, I am going to take some shots at Khaled here, and I am going along with Fif on this one (even though I dislike him too, in this case, he is the lesser of two evils, I would like him to crush Khaled and then crush Ricky Rawse, and then get obliterated by either Kanye or Lil' Wayne... ya'll know what I mean).  Anyway, check the video below, Khaled is a loser...

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