It's hard to top an album like How To Save A Life, but The Fray sure came close.  Their self titled album featured some similar tunes, but for the most part, it was some good stuff that really got me going.  There are a few tracks on this album that will be getting huge air time in the coming months, just like their first album, the song, "How To Save A Life" did not get much air time on the radio/internet/TV/etc. until it was on a few shows and featured on some sites.   I think the top two tracks of the album that have a chance at having the success that "How To Save A Life" are: "Syndicate" and "You Found Me".  Each feature that How To Save A Life feel to them, and both of them flow and sound nice.  I would not classify The Fray's music as sad, depressing, or emo, rather; calm, soothing, and mellow music.  Many of their songs have been featured in TV shows where something sad, or bad is happening, but their music is not that, it just goes well with those types of parts.  The only problem I had with the album was that there were only ten tracks featured on it, as opposed to their freshman release, which had twelve.  I think they should have topped their twelve track release with fifteen to sixteen tracks.  As a fan, I was really left wanting more, I guess I will just have to wait until their next release!

Track Listing:
"You Found Me"
"Say When"
"Never Say Never"
"Where The Story Ends"
"Enough For Now"
"Ungodly Hour"
"We Build Then We Break"

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