I have kept my word, and really haven't covered the whole CB/RiRi situation, but I am going to for right now. I guess it is something that has just been on my mind for a while, and it is something that I want to just give my opinion on, and sort of state the facts (as best I can). If you haven't seen the picture that the cops took of RiRi, then it will be hard for you to relate to the post and to really get a graphic image of the pain and abuse that she endured from the Chris Breezy. I am never one to judge, but I have to say that a person should never beat another person up (whether it is a guy beating up another guy, a guy beating up a girl, or a girl beating up another girl, or even a girl beating up a guy).

CB definitely crossed the line... If you haven't seen the pictures of RiRi (the aftermath of the event), then you can't really take a side. Don't expect to find the picture on here, I don't want anything to do with the pricey leaked photo that now will not be used in court due to the evidence being compromised. But I, like many other people around the world saw the picture of Rihanna and just really couldn't believe that CB had done this to her. I mean the two were as close as two people could get, almost seemed like a match made in heaven. I guess things change, sometimes for better, and other times for worse. I definitely don't agree with what CB did, and this goes all the way back to a post that ICECrush did a while back. Why do musicians and other pop/famous stars around the world do such horrible and stupid things? It just doesn't make sense! Why even put your only line of work in jeopardy!? It is not like any of these musicians, sports stars, or performers have back up jobs, or anything like that. I can understand a person getting angry, but I watched a clip from CNN, and it states that CB threatened to "kill" Rihanna due to her pretending to tell a friend to call the cops.

I am... NO, I WAS a huge Chris Breezy fan, but now I am truly deterred from his music and his musical career. It is not that he just beat a woman, or that he is an abusive boyfriend. Well, I mean it is that... but it is not only just that stuff, it is also his being a complete phony. He sings about love, about woman, and all that "lovey dovey" crap. Yet he is the one dishing out the abusive blows to his girlfriend. To me, that is wrong on so many levels. What Chris Brown did was just not right, he is someone who has definitely lost a lot of respect from many of the people around him. We love the young, fresh, singer/songwriter that Chris Brown used to be, not the madman he's become.

Which brings me to my next point... Will Chris Brown be able to salvage a musical career? The answer to this question is sadly a YES. No matter how bad of a person you are, people still go out and support you. There is still a demand for R&B music, and whether or not CB is a jerk and an abusive boyfriend, he will still have tons of fans, and there will still be a high demand for him to put out music.

The same thing happens to professional sports players. When players such as Santonio Holmes get indicted on drug charges, people eventually forget; his football skills shroud his personality. Not all people that we look up to are good people. T.I. was indicted on firearms charges, but he continues to be the benevolent person we know and love. He got in trouble, and now he's serving his sentence, and giving back to the community. He is an inspiration to all of us. If T.I. were Jewish, he'd be a mensch.

So, should we support CB?... ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The actions he took against Rihanna were not only inappropriate, but they send an awful message to youngsters and fans. People just don't realize the damage CB has done.

CNN News Clip Taking The Case Step By Step:

Chris Breezy In Court:

The Game On Rick Ross/50 Cent + CB & RiRi:

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