I don't know if anyone really enjoys the album artwork above (I sure don't...), it would seem as though Flo Rida has the ability to put out great music, but for some odd reason, he can never put together a sick narsty album cover. I am not raggin' on him or anything like that, but he could have for sure done something better than the album art above. I really what other ideas he had going for it, but whatever, the artwork does not make or break an album (at least the way I look at it).

Then again, this post is not really dealing with the album art above, rather it is going to be something that you have not really seen before (or on other blogs...). I recently stumbled upon an album sampler for the upcoming Flo Rida production. I am by no means encouraging you all to illegally download the album, but I am posting up the link to the Album Sampler. It is for promotional use only, and if you want the link taken down, please personally e-mail us at TGLR007@gmail.com, and we will be more than happy to get rid of the link. Anyway, get amped for the upcoming album, the teaser sounds pretty awesome and the final production is something that will blow all of your minds!

Track Listing for R.O.O.T.S:
1. Finally Here
2. Jump [Feat. Nelly Furtado]
3. Gotta Get It [Dancer]
4. Shone [Feat. Pleasure P]
5. Right Round [Feat. Kesha]
6. R.O.O.T.S.
7. Be on You [Feat. Ne-Yo]
8. Mind on My Money
9. Available [Feat. Akon]
10. Touch Me [Feat. Kesha]
11. Never
12. Sugar [Feat. Wynter Gordon]
13. Rewind [Feat. Wyclef Jean]

Check Back Here Later For More R.O.O.T.S News!!!

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