Well the quote above sums up just what Mr. Chi City is all about. If you have not seen one of his hilarious videos on YouTube, then you are not only missing out, but you are definitely living under a rock... well actually not, because I didn't hear of the guy until maybe a month or two ago. Anyway, Mr. Chi City is clearly from the Chi, the funny thing about his videos is that you never see his face! If you are going to start watching and keeping yourself updated with his videos, then you need to start with VIDEO #1, and then watch his series all the way through, otherwise you won't get any of the jokes! Mr. Chi has a very funny personality, definitely brings a lot to the table and is able to put a smile on anyone's face! The guy is just straight up funny. Anyway, I am going to post up three or four of my favorite videos of his, and I will give you all his information and what not! If Mr. Chi City ever does read this post, hit us up with an e-mail, we would love to do an interview with you, and possibly keep hosting your video on the blog on a regular basis. Whether you are Mr. Chi City or just some average Joe with an opinion, hit us up with requests, news, information, interview idea's/people, and even sick remixes and mashups. E-Mail us @ TGLR007@gmail.com

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Top Mr. Chi City Videos

Keeping Your Fridge Stocked:

Mr. Chi City Recaps How He Got His Ticket:

Mr. Chi City Executes His Ticket:

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