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Normally I don't take mixtapes from a long time ago and post up a review, but it has been a while since I last posted up a mixtape, so I figured... WHY NOT!?  I don't know if you have ever heard of Terry Urban, but live me give ya'll a little bit of a background check, then a review, then some of the track list... then hit you up with the download, and then some extra bonus stuff... you know, the usual!

How My Brain Works 2 features some sick narsty remixes by the ever-so-popular Terry Urban.  I am a big fan of mashups and remixes (in case you have not been able to tell from both the blog and my constant raving of certain remix mixtapes).  So when a friend of mine started running through his mixtapes, I had him stop upon reaching the Terry Urban section.  Normally I just leaf through the material, not really paying any attention to the remixes.  Then we hit How My Brain Works 2, and my ears all of a sudden start to focus in on the music.  The mixtape starts off with a killer mix by Terry in which he somehow melds together Young Money's top gunner Lil' Wayne ("A Millie") and slaps some Coldplay ("Viva La Vida") right on the track.  After giving the track a listen, I zoned in and started to focus on the rest of the tape.  Let me tell you, the tracks on here are straight fire, I am never one to rant and rage over a WHOLE mixtape by either Mick Boogie or Terry Urban, but this one definitely captivated me.

Terry Urban somehow finds a way to just put these crazy mixes together... He found a way to put Beyonce and The Cure together... WHO EVER THINKS OF THAT!?!  I mean the stuff that Boogie, Urban, Benzi, Girl Talk and all those guys do is just crazy.  I got a whole lot of respect for DJ's and mixmasters out there, it may sound sweet, but if you look at all the effort and creativity behind the sound, you would truly be amazed!  So there is no reason for me to keep on repeating myself right now, if you want some new tunes to bang through your computer (or car) speakers, then go out and download this mixtape, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

How My Brain Works 2 Track Listing:
Viva La Millie (Lil' Wayne & Coldplay)
Love Your Party Girl (Busta Rhymes & The-Dream)
Top Billin Beotch (The-Dream, AC/DC & Audio Two)
Payback Ain't A Thang (James Brown, Jay Z, J.D. & En Vogue)
All Good Children Go To Hell (The Beatles, Van Halen & Lil' Jon)
Who Dat Shoutin (Motley Crue, J.T. Money & Santogold)
Emo Ladies (Beyonce & The Cure)
Party Intermission
Ayo Evil Woman (E.L.O. & Doug E. Fresh)
Whoomp There's The Hills (Iron Maiden & Tag Team)
Dey Know My Life (Shawty Lo & Billy Joel)
Separate Ways Haters (Journey & Shawty Lo)
Ghetto Falsetto (The-Dream)
Party Day 'N' Night (Jay-Z & KiD CuDi)
My Ode To O.D.B.
Shimmy Shimmy Mega Man (Ol' Dirty Bastard & Yuukichan's Papa)
The R.O.C.ketship Has Landed (Jay Z & E.S.G.)
Cream Without A Face (Wu Tang Clan & Billy Idol)
Dougie Batteries (Metallica, Bust Rhymes & Lil' Wil)
So Pitted Intermission (Surfer)
I Can't Tell You Why Ms.Officer (Lil' Wayne & The Eagles)
Disneyland Heatwave (Bobby Valentino, Martha Reeves & Toni Basil)
Wanted Sho' Nuff' (Bon Jovi & Tela)
Electric Stop (MGMT & Q Tip)
Dolla Bill Bitches (N.W.A. & Jimmy Spicer)
I Can't Wamp (Clipse, Slim Thug & Nu Shooz)
Thinking Of What Its Worth (Lil' Wayne & Buffalo Springfield)

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