In case you all don't know, I, SoSickWitItYo, am a huge fan of both the NBA and the NCAA. So as I do every year, I made a bracket predicting who I thought would win in this years tournament, so let the MADNESS BEGIN!!! (well it already has, so in that case, let it continue!)

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Alright, so let me point out a few things. Lets start off with the Mid-West... I got Sienna upsetting OSU, mainly because I really hate OSU (yes, I am a U-M/MSU fan!!!) and it always seems like Sienna ends up being a surprise team in the first round. Then I have USC upsetting BU, a risky call, mainly because everyone has been jumping on the USC bandwagon, and BU is not a bad team, in fact, on the contrary!!! They are a very solid basketball team, so I am still weary about my decision.

Moving onto the West now... Texas A&M always seems to be surprise and everyone rules them out! This year I have them upsetting BYU (AND THEY DID!!!), which was a very solid pick in my mind. A&M is just the better team, flat out. Then I have Utah State upsetting the #6 seed Marquette. Why you might ask!? The answer is very simple, Marquette has been on a very bad streak in which they have lost some games they should have won. Utah State is not such a bad team, and they have a very good chance at taking out a #6 seed who is clearly struggling.

Now on to the East! I am not going to say this is an upset, because it isn't! But if you picked Tenn. to beat OK State, then you are out of your mind and probably don't know a lot about the Volunteers history! They ALWAYS choke in the tourney! My big upset in the East is VCU upsetting the #6 seed UCLA. Now it is a very risky call, but I don't see UCLA winning that game, it is just my gut feeling, and I hope it will work out for me! American may upset Nova, (which would really stink for me, but it seems like VILL is on its way back into the game at the beginning of the second half).

Now for the South. I had Butler upsetting LSU, but that didn't work out. I did not see much value in that game, it was definitely entertaining and fun to watch, I am not even mad that I lost that one! My next upset (which is currently in the works!!!) is U-M over Clemson! As it stand right now, this one could go through, seeing as Clemson has had a player ejected, are playing disorganized, are not able to apply smart pressure and U-M is just all over the place dunking and knocking down big shots. Mannie Harris is just too much for Clemson to handle and for those reasons, U-M will win this game!

If all my picks go through then I have the following upsets for the rest of the tournament:
  • West Virginia beating Kansas (Second Round)
  • Purdue beating Washington (Second Round)
  • Florida State beating Xavier (Second Round)
  • Syracuse beating Oklahoma (Third Round)
  • Memphis beating UConn (Fourth Round)
I have Memphis (#2 Seed), Louisville (#1 Seed), Pittsburgh (#1 Seed), and North Carolina (#1 Seed). I got Louisville winning their game against Memphis and UNC beating Pitt. Then I have UNC winning it all against LOU in the championship game in Detroit, Michigan!

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