This post is a bit late, but heck... WHY NOT POST IT UP! Hah, anyway, Chester French, as you all know (or may not know, seeing as no one has really heard of them yet) is coming out with an album in the very near future and above is the album artwork for the LP titled, Love the Future. They have been working with some great producers and some great musicians and for sure will be making a big splash on the music scene. They have been known for working and being featured on some other peoples songs, some notable artists such as Jay-Z (on An American Gangster The Mixtape (Re-Loaded) Bootleg), Common on his most recent release of Universal Mind Control and has also been working with some new young musicians such as the up and comer: Asher Roth, whose first LP is set to drop in April. Anyway, be on the lookout for this dynamic duo, I promise you that it won't be a let down... Their E.P. entitled, She Loves Everybody, was by far one my favorite E.P. albums of 2008 and had extreme replay value on the iTunes player, so be sure to check that out too!

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