Alright, I know this is a music blog, but I just have to share a few things with people out there and educate those who really are not educated on the subject that I am about to address.  In recent events in my hometown of Michigan, I learned that the Bay City area (which is mainly run on power from Consumer Energy) is planning on putting up a new coal plant.  Now the environment, coal, and life in Michigan consist of a whole lot of touchy subjects, most of which I probably won't be able to cover in this post (but I will give it a try!).

 Yesterday, I went with a friend of mine all the way out to Bay City (which is like on the other side of town for me, but it was definitely worth it) to protest these coal plants that are being put up.  This protest/rally that went on outside the public hearing area went on from about 4:00 - 6:00.  Before I went on this wonderful adventure out to Bay City, I was truly uneducated and unaware of the problems that are going on in the environment and around the world.  I am not a "tree hugger" like many of the Union Workers (of the coal plants) called me, rather I was interested about the topic and decided to go.  But the point of this post has nothing to do with the intimidating Union Workers that were paid to show up and intimidate environmentalists, rather, it is to show the flaws of not using alternatives to coal. (*Note* The picture to your left is a picture of some of the supporters of "Clean Energy" who were present at the rally yesterday in Bay City, MI)

Here are some of the things that people don't really get about "Clean Coal" and I think it is dangerous if people around the world continue to buy into the idea of using clean coal.  Think of the clean coal as something like this... "Someone farts on a pillow, but you don't smell the fart.  Just because you don't smell the fart doesn't mean it is not there, all it means is that you cannot smell it!"  Now imagine that fart is actual coal smoke that is filled with mercury and other horrible things for the human body.  Now picture that pillow that was farted on was the ground and the water that surrounds a coal plant.  If you take that scenario and apply it to real life, you are getting this smoke that is being trapped under the ground and is seeping into Michigan's water systems.  This then ruins the clean water sources (seeing as Michigan is next to some of the biggest bodies of clean water in the world [i.e. THE GREAT LAKES]), and those who drink the water or eat animals that live by the water or who roam the infected ground are being infected with these horrible chemicals.  Coal is an awful way to create energy, and seeing as Americans were all into the whole, "Vote Barack Obama - Vote For Change" slogan, you would think that Americans and Union Workers would be more willing to get rid of the old and inefficient coal plants and replace them with updated, high-tech, and powerful Green alternatives.  It was very interesting to see and hear what other people had to say on this topic yesterday at the public hearing.

Yesterday, citizens of Michigan addressed their issues with the coal plants and directed their concerns to the Air Quality Director, Vince Hellwig.  I ended up being one of the many people who spoke out and gave their opinion on current issue that is taking place in Bay City.  I starred at Mr. Hellwig in eyes, and addressed some issues I saw with the building of a new coal plant in Bay City, Michigan.  I addressed that as a young teen (who is only 18 and is about to start college and begin living his adult life), that I and many others in my age group fear for the future in Michigan.  I explained to him that in the next 10-30 years, Michigan will be a ghost town, and that there will be no industry left.  I also explained the issue with building a coal plant that will one day be outdated and will need constant upkeep and maintaining.  The expenses to build another coal plant is just rediculous.  With all that money, Michigan could start building more Green alternatives and start leading the nation in living a Greener lifestyle.  I am never one to stand up in front of crowds and speak, but I said my thing, and I told Mr. Hellwig that if he decides that there should be a coal plant set up, that he is ultimately setting up Michigan for failure.  The auto-industry is dying, and soon enough, the coal industry will be gone as well, why not bring a new industry to Michigan which will be around for a long time, and will allow many who are unemployed to get jobs that are permanent and pertinent to society!

I call upon all the bloggers out there to help me raise awareness to the current global troubles that coal has been causing.  If we all ban together, we can help teach many who are unknowledgeable on the topic at hand, and together, we can all work towards making this country and this world a much greener place.  For those who are making the decisions that will affect people in 50 years from now need to understand something.  In 50 years, I will be here, YOU WON'T.  Don't allow there to be more destruction to the world that we live in.  I am not going to get into religion, but this is our world, and whether or not you believe it was given to us, or something like that, it is our responsibility to keep this world clean.  I am not saying go out and be, "a tree hugger," or go out and start rallies of your own, but rather write letters, educate others, and work for a better future.  People, we all need to stop being so near sited, because if we continue down this road, we won't be living on this planet for much longer...

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