I don't know/think many of you out there have ever heard of this guy, but it is about time you get acquainted with his music (and soon enough, you'll get to know him through an upcoming interview that we are doing with him!!!).  Now I don't have his first mixtape (but I am working on getting it fairly soon), but his most recent release entitled, A Matter of Time, should be owned by everyone (seeing as it was a free download on the iTunes Music Store... So you really don't have much of an excuse if you don't have it).  Now I had heard of Mr. Posner a long time ago, when I was just beginning my high school career.  A friend of mine sent over a track entitled, "Chariot vs. 99 Problems", which featured a very solid mashup by Mike Posner.  While I have been following Mike Posner for a very long time, I got to see him live for the first time last night, which was pretty freaking awesome.  But anyway, back to the review at hand...

Now it is kind of weird to have this review coming before I do a whole post about one of the students in our "Incoming Class of '09" segment of the blog, but I figured that we might as well just do this anyway, and get you all familiar with this guy, because there will surely be a ton of posts about him in the near future.  The mixtape itself is one of the best I have heard this year, and is for sure up for the Top 10 Mixtapes of 2009 post, when it comes time to do that.  Mike Posner creates a very interesting and unique sound that mixes well with the beats and music he produces.  I mean he has some crazy crazy songs that he has put together on this most recent mixtape, I mean even my brother enjoys listening to the CD, and he hates that sort of style of music!

The mixtape was nothing really short of spectacular.  I mean it was just fantastic, I got it when it was a free download on iTunes, and I have been bumping it on the car ride to school every morning.  I mean the track listing features some sick narsty musicians, and you can just tell that he is going to be making it big one day in the very near future! I mean I think that the whole Big Sean/Mike Posner thing is truly great and I will be looking forward to more collabs between the two of them in future musical works.  The album is pretty unreal, and I am sure that when he puts out his first solo LP, it will be just straight fire.  Anyway, if I was somebody looking for more new music, then I would definitely hit up the free mixtape on iTunes, and let us know what you think about him.  I think the guy is going to make it big one day, and I am sure we will be hearing more about him in the coming weeks!

A Matter of Time Track Listing:
1. Tick (Feat. Don Cannon)
2. Drug Dealer Girl
3. Cooler Than Me (Feat. Big Sean)
4. Hey Cupid
5. Still Not Over You (Feat. Eric Holljes)
6. Evil Woman
7. Who Knows? (Feat. Big Sean)
8. Halo (Music Video Here)
9. Smoke & Drive (Remix) (Feat. Big Sean, Donnis, & Jackie Chain)
10. Losing My Mind
11. A Matter Of Time
12. Tock (Feat. Don Cannon)

Listen To The Mixtape Here via iMeem:

*"Heartless" Cover Song - PROMO* (DOWNLOAD HERE: [zShare] [RapidShare.de] [RapidShare] [SendSpace]:

Another Promo Video:

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