If you are checking this post to grab a view at the two hotties above, you are out of luck, because you won't find any smut here!  This site is 100% legal, and 100% clean, and I plan on keeping it that way (for now at least, haha).  The reason of this post is to just talk about the problem with the internet and the problems of being a celebrity (a good looking one at least) in today's world.  Let's start off with the small stuff...

Both Cassie and Rihanna each are pretty attractive (well Cassie used to be until she decided to get rid of half her hair on her head) and are each really great people (from what I have gathered).  The question I present to all of you is whether or not they deserve for this sort of stuff to happen to them?  I can say that each are great musicians, each are attractive, and each do a lot for their fans and people who they work with.  It is hard for me to say, "yea, these two women each deserved for their pictures to be leaked on the internet".  But then again, why were their nude pictures of themselves on a computer or cell phone?  Why even run the risk of having your body being all over the internet?  Another thing I am trying to figure out is why people think it is a good idea to send nude pictures to one another... what's the point!?

Rihanna has had a huge year, you have the Chris Brown situation, her never ending musical career and now her pictures are leaked all over the internet.  In my opinion, Rihanna doesn't deserve any of this stuff to happen to her, I have ben following her since she hopped on the music scene back when her first album dropped, and I have been a huge fan of hers since then!  I have not looked at the naked pictures that have infiltrated the internet as of late, and I don't intend to do so, because I think it is completely disrespectful to view private content in which I do not have permission to view.  On the contrary, I could see why someone would want to view these pictures... I mean each of the two artists above are really attractive, and I am sure being a celebrity in the limelight does constitute having fans who like much more than just their music... If you know what I mean, haha.

Now we come to another issue... Were the picture leaked by the musicians themselves!?  It is hard to say that Rihanna would do such a thing, she doesn't seem like she is the type to try and make a huge scene.  On top of that, he camp has already released a statement on the pictures and while they have not openly admitted that the pictures are of the famed musician, it does lead me to believe that the pictures were not supposed to be leaked.  On the contrary though, Cassie's camp hasn't released a statement on the leaked pictures.  There is no question in anyones mind that the pictures that she is on, are of her (so I've heard via many posts on Twitter).  On top of that, she is apparently someone who is fueled by being talked about.  How else does one explain the half-shaven head, the nude pictures, and her crazy antics.  Now, I am not saying that I am not a Cassie fan, because I am, I dig her music, and I think she is a very attractive person, but she seems to crave being in the limelight and being the talk of the town!  Due to all of those reasons, I find it hard to believe that she didn't leak those pictures herself!  Anyway, who leaked what isn't what this post is about, it is about what is moral and what is not!  Be honest, leave a comment, and tell us what you think!

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Johnny G from LiveaGL.com said... @ May 11, 2009 at 2:16 PM

Good posts and good points that were brought up...I wouldn't be suprised if they leaked it out themselves tho...seems like that's the new way to grab fame these days and to keep people talking about these celebrities

TGLR said... @ May 11, 2009 at 5:07 PM

Oh yea, I agree.. it happens way to often, You would think that these musicians would be upset if stuff like this happens to them! ANyway, I don't understand why they have the pictures taken to begin with, but that's a whole different story, lol

thx for the comment!

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