TGLR: Hey Mike, How Are Things Going?

Mike Posner: Everything is great! I’m in Daytona Beach for a show, it’s wild down here.

TGLR: So, I was wondering how you got involved in the music industry. Would you mind telling your fans the journey you have taken to get to this place in your life?

Mike Posner: Well, I started playing drums in 5th grade. By age 13 I was making beats and about a year ago I decided to stop giving all the good beats away! In the middle of my junior year at Duke University (which I just finished) I released a mixtape with DJ Benzi and Don Cannon and here I am!

TGLR: Is this something that you have always wanted to do, I mean many kids out there say they want to be NBA players, or Movie stars. Was being a musician your childhood dream?

Mike Posner: Once I started making music I knew I would do it for the rest of my life. When I was younger I didn’t know exactly what role music would play or how successful I would be but I always knew music would be a part of my life forever.

TGLR: When did you know that music could become your future profession?

Mike Posner: When I wrote Cooler Than Me.

TGLR: Do you play an instrument?

Mike Posner: I played drums and I’ve taught myself piano over the years.

TGLR: In your opinion, what makes a song a, “classic,” and what songs do you consider to be “classics”?

Mike Posner: In the end music effects each person differently so my classics will different from yours because we could have different experiences and memories attached to different songs.

Juicy – obviously, haha
Eric Clapton – Old Love (unplugged version)
The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix)
Michael Andrews/Gary Jules – Mad World
…just to name a few.

TGLR: Now I know that as of right now, you are unsigned, but if you had one dream record label to sign with, who would it be?

Mike Posner: I’m not really sure, still deciding on that as I meet the people that run the various companies. I should come to decision soon.

TGLR: Your upcoming album is entitled, The New Deal, is there any significance to the name?

Mike Posner: It came from FDR’s economic policies during the Great Depression. I got the name Brain Trust because that was the name of his advisors/cabinet.

TGLR: Are there going to be any featured guests on the album? I would assume Big Sean, your fellow Detroiter, will make an appearance on the album seeing as he has been on two or three tracks with you on your mixtape and his own. Are there any other guests to be featured on the album besides Big Sean?

Mike Posner: Can’t talk about that yet! I’m actually going to do another mixtape in the fall as a back to school present for everyone, haha. I’m working a lot on that right now.

TGLR: Alright, I don’t mean to start a competition between you and your buddy Big Sean, but you got to let me know who you think is better at the following dances (The Soulja Boy, The Lean Back, Crumping, Crip Walking, The Carlton & The Macarena)?

Mike Posner:
The Soulja Boy:
Big Sean

The Lean Back:
Big Sean

Big Sean

Crip Walk:
Big Sean

The Carlton:

The Macarena:

TGLR: Where does most of your primary recording for your tracks take place?
Now I understand that you produce your own beats, and also do your own lyrics, which is very unheard of now a day in the music industry. How do you go about producing a beat (either for yourself or for someone else)? Break it down for us step by step?

Mike Posner: Every song you’ve heard by me I did in my dorm room @ Duke. My work on my mixtape has moved me up into some nicer spots nowadays!

TGLR: What got you into music, what influences and inspires you to make music and do what you do as a musician?

Mike Posner: I do write my own lyrics. The thing I love about producing is its different every time. There no formula to making a hot track, it’s something you need to work at and stumble upon every time. At least for me!

TGLR: What is your opinion on blogs on the Internet?

Mike Posner: As I said earlier, I started on the drums in 5th grade. Other musician inspires me, Big Sean inspires me, real life inspires me, this beautiful lady I’m video chatting with right now (Amanda Noelle Colbert) inspires me! haha

TGLR: What is your take on music being leaked onto the Internet? I know that many musicians dislike it and see it as an obstacle to overcome and that it sometimes ruins and destroys an album (like Tha Carter III, when the whole album leaked early and forced Weezy to re-create the whole thing), but are there any positive parts about music leaking on the Internet?

Mike Posner: I mean, its created an avenue for someone like myself to put themselves on the map and get noticed with not label and no support. I leak my stuff on purpose because I want everyon to have it! I don’t care about the money.

TGLR: I am sure that you have been very busy performing around the country (and possibly out of the country), would you mind sharing what you go through before a performance? Many people do some crazy stuff before they go out and perform, whether it is a sports player, a public speaker, or even a musician!

Mike Posner: I don’t do anything that crazy. I try to drink some tea with honey to warm up my voice. Then I just like to dance around and get my energy up. Sorry if that wasn’t juicy enough.

TGLR: Which do you prefer to do more, perform live, or do your thing in the studio? I am always scared of big crowds and of publicity, so I would make an awful musician, but some people crave that limelight!

Mike Posner: It’s such a different experience. I’ve never really thought about it. As my mom used to say about my sister and I, I love you both equally.

TGLR: Do you feel different when you perform in your hometown as opposed to other states around the country?

Mike Posner: Definitely, it feels special to see faces you recognize in the crowd. It’s creates a warm feeling to know that your hometown is behind you.

TGLR: So tell us Mike Posners most embarrassing moment, I mean everyone has one!

Mike Posner: I had just finished my set @ one of my Duke shows and there was like a hole in the back of the stage. I stepped in it and half fell off the stage! I don’t think anyone really noticed except for the people in the front row. It was so bad though!

TGLR: How do you balance college life and classes, all the while being musician and performing live around the country?

Mike Posner: It’s definitely tough but it helps that my peers and professors are really rooting for me. A lot of my teachers are understanding when I have to skip town and my classmates help me stay caught up. I’m really grateful for everyone’s support.

TGLR: What is your main goal, to be an artist or a producer, or both?

Mike Posner: Both!

TGLR: This year is filled with tons of up and coming musicians, including yourself! If you could pick your top five upcoming musicians who would they be?

Mike Posner: Tough question, I need 6!
  1. Me
  2. Big Sean
  3. Drake! So dope!
  4. CuDi
  5. Ash Roth
  6. Wale
We Want To Thank Mike Posner For Taking The Time Out Of His Busy Schedule To Do This Interview With Us... We Understand That Being A College Student/Musician/Normal Person Can Lead To A Very Busy Life!!!  Check Back With Us For More Mike Posner Updates And Some More Exclusive Stuff From The Up And Coming Musician!!!

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ICECrush said... @ May 9, 2009 at 1:51 PM

Great Interview!
Mike Posner is the MAN!!!

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mike posner kicks ass!

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Drum Lessons said... @ July 5, 2011 at 4:05 AM

I've got to say, Mike Posner is really a talented musician. He started playing drums at 5 y/o and taught himself piano on the process. He's the man!

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