I am not going to lie, this music video is the freaky deaky... I am not a huge fan of horror films or scary movies, and if you are, then this stuff might be right up your ally.  The music video itself really does show how scary getting involved in drugs and how bad a relapse really can be... People out there need to be aware of the problems of addiction and drugs in general, and I hope that Eminem was trying to show the scares and horrors of spiraling out of control due to addiction and drugs (whether hard drugs or prescription).  I have been a firm believer that music is much more than just something to listen to, and it has a much deeper meaning!  Eminem seems that he is changing his whole persona from the "old" Eminem to this new and improved Em.  Eminem isn't done showing the new him, and I know that THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL TO THE UPCOMING MAY 15TH RELEASE ENTITLED RELAPSE 2.  

On top of this song pretty solid, I think it does an excellent job conveying the hardships of being under the influence of drugs and addiction.  Drugs don't just take over ones life, it takes over their free will as well.  People are no longer able to function for themselves, think for themselves, and act for themselves.  On the contrary, they lose all that, and become slaves to a drug.  I think drugs are bad (whether they are hard drugs or not...), and if you are young, I would advise you to stay away from them, and live a clean and healthy life.  I don't understand the people that stoop down to doing drugs, and not only drugs, but smoking!  Your body clearly is not supposed to have these other outside influences affecting them.  I can't really grasp people who are okay with breathing smoke into their lungs, which they use to breathe out of!  If anyone can give me a valid reason, then I will be willing to change my opinion.  I am serious, if you are addicted, just watch the video, and realize that maybe some stuff needs to change.  I applaud Eminem for making the album he is, it is about time that music was used to tell a story and warn everyone the dangers of something.  I think what he is doing is great, and I think he is going in the right direction, I am amped for the May 15th release, and from what I understand the album has leaked already.  If you are a true music fan, and someone who appreciate music and the art of telling a story, please wait to go out and download the album.  Just buy it in stores or on iTunes, and give the man a proper "welcome back" to the music game.  I am sure the album will be magnificent, and that he will be warning others about the dangers of addiction and drugs.

Eminem's Verse: "Crack A Bottle" Music Video:

50 Cent's Verse: "Crack A Bottle" Music Video:

More Eminem Updates Coming Your Day In The Near Future, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM ILLEGALLY.  Eminem Deserves More Then That, And Relapse Definitely Has A Lot Of Meaning To It!!!

P.S. Be On The Lookout For News On The Sequel Album Entitled Relapse 2

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