So I was talking with Julius the Myth (a pretty sick musician who you will all be hearing about in the very near future) and we were talking about celebrities/people who made it big from his high school (and mine, except there are none from mine, seeing as it has only been open for like eight years or so).  He is the next big thing out of high school, but before him, Andy Milonakis was the, "big thing".  The dude is thirty six now, but he definitely had a knack for being funny, and it has scored him a TV Show on MTV and MTV2 from what I understand.  He started his journey on a web cam, making videos, posting them up places and from there, it led to him becoming a pop star sensation.

The dude is funny, no doubt there, but the thing that is craziest, Andy is in his thirties!!!  Sure doesn't look like it in the picture above, but he has a congenital growth-hormone condition which gives him the appearance of an adolescent.  He starred in the hit movie, Waiting... and is going to be in the sequel to that movie which is due out this year entitled, Still Waiting...  The movies discuss the fictional stories and adventures of some people who work in a restaurant.  I saw Waiting... and absolutely loved it, and I just found out today that there will be the sequel, so I am pretty amped for that.  Anyway, this is just an appreciation post to Andy, your the man, and we love that you do what you do every day!  Check out some of his videos below, the dude is straight up funny, if your into my type of humor, you'll really dig Mr. Milonakis.

Happy Balloons:

Andy Milonakis - Spoon Commercial:

Andy Milonakis Rap - SICK NARSTY SONG... Forgot To Mention He Can Rap:

Andy Milonakis' Views On Heaven:

Andy Milonakis & Lil' Jon:

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