You all know I am an avid Detroit Red Wings fan, and I will be until the day I die!  I was elated to find out that my men in red had eeked out a victory against the Chicago Blackhawks last night in OT, but what made me even happier as a Red Wings fan, and as a fan of the sport of hockey, was the fact that the Detroit Red Wings will be taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals this year.  If you don't follow hockey, then you wouldn't really care that the two teams are meeting up for A SECOND STRAIGHT TIME in the Cup Finals.  The two teams really went at it last year, and while it was an outstanding matchup, the Red Wings won the series and took home the cup, which was rightfully theirs!  It would appear that since taking the cup from the Penguins last year, they have also taken Marian Hossa (one large factor and player for the Penguins last year), and Ty Conklin (who was on the Penguin, but signed with Detroit as a backup for this season).  There is going to be a lot of high-intensity play going on, a lot of huge hits, flashy goals, and oh yes, a whole bunch of smack talk on and off the ice.  This series will be filled with emotion and heart, and I think that even people who are not fans of hockey will appreciate the hard fought series that is about to go down against these two teams.  My prediction is that the Wings will repeat (the first team to do so since they did it in '97 and in '98).  Feel free to drop a comment and give your opinion on what the series is going to be like, I would love to hear some feedback from me fellow musical sports fans. 

PS. Darren Helm is the man, dude killed off a penalty last night for like 25 seconds by himself, scored a goal, and has a pretty hot girlfriend... what more can you ask for!?

The Series Should End With Something Like This...


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