Something epic has just gone down, maybe not the most epic thing in everyones lives, but when two of my favorite things combine together, I define it in only one simple word... EPIC!!!  I am a huge Dr. Dre fan, have been for a very long time.  At the same time, I am an avid Dr. Pepper fan... So when I am flipping through the TV channels and stop to see a Dr. Pepper commercial with Dr. Dre in it, I got all giddy and excited!  Now it doesn't work the same for everyone, I just truly love music and it is such an integral part of my life, so call me crazy if I get worked up like this for small things that involve musicians and soda pop.  Anyway, check the commercial below, and trust him, he's a doctor!

New Dr. Pepper Ad Featuring Dr. Dre:

More Dr. Dre/Detox News Coming Your Way In The Very Near Future!!!

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