Like our fellow Jewish brethren over at "It's The Real.COM", we agree, Drizzy Drake is the bee's knees.  The dude has taken over the music by storm, and there seems to be no end in sight to the amount of success he will have in the industry.  Besides him being a great musician, he is JEWISH, which is a rare commodity in the Hip-Hop industry.  If you go by Jewish lineage, then Drizzy Drake is Jewish (since his mother was Jewish).  I don't know how religious Drake is, but if I ever get a chance to do an interview with Drake, I will be sure to find that out for all of you!  Anyway, check out the funny video below, and we here at the Tha Good Life Reviews send much love to the Jew boys at "It's The Real" and our boy Drake.  Keep doing your thing, hopefully one day Drizzy Drake will meet Tha Good Life Reviews!?

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