Don't act like when you were a kid you were not diggin' the whole Toy Story movie thing.  If you deny it, then you are only being untruthful to yourself, and that's the worst thing to do.  Anyway, just saw this short little video posted up by Miss Passion over at The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 and I figured since I share a similar love for the whole Toy Story series, that I would do the same and post it up.  The movie is going to be 3D, and should be killer awesome, and I am sure that it will be getting pulls from people of all different age groups.  Just because you are eighteen or sixteen doesn't mean you should be embarrassed to go to the theatre and see this movie.  In fact, it is almost your duty to do so as a teenager who grew up watching these movies, it would be irresponsible to your childhood not to!  Anyway, the movie drops June 18th, 2010 (holy crap, 2010 is not that far away!), and I expect that if you go, you leave a comment somewhere on either my site, my twitter, or someone else's site/twitter.  This movie is kinda a big deal.  Check the teaser below, and be sure to leave a comment on what you think!

More Movie/Music Updates Coming Your Way In The Near Future!!!

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