The kidz are back in the building...

It seems as if the best up and coming artists these days are smart dudes kickin' it old school in their COLLEGE DORMS!!!

Hopefully y'all are aware of our guys Mike Posner and Eric Holljes from Duke, so hopefully y'all will welcome my new Northwestern kid, Jordan Looney. Jordan Loony was introduced to me by my new blog friend Max over @ The Revolution Will Be Tape Recorded, and to be honest with you he's pretty fresh. Max is doing some promo work for him, so I thought I'd help him out with the lovin', spreadin' Looney's stuff across the interwebs if you know what I mean.

Max shared a few things with me about Jordan, showing me his first Mixtape Nerd Hop Vol. 1, and hitting me up with one of those singles, as well as telling me about his new mixtape that will be coming out soon titled, Nerd Hop Vol. 2.

From what I was able to listen to, Looney seems pretty dope, he seems pretty looney to me (in a good way don't worry). Check out the single, check out the mixtape, and just check out new music from the world's finest, the kids comin' on ur HUD.

Jordan Loony was just featured in The Daily Northwestern in a hot interview that looks pretty legit as well!

Check it.

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