Hopefully you've caught on by now, but we here at TGLR love to do interviews in order to get to know an artist better by asking cool and personal questions that other guys just don't have the balls to ask. In our latest scan of the internet for dope vids we came across Josh X-an-tus, and really started digging his stuff. He is an up and coming RnB artist, and has a lot to offer. Take for example his song "Let's Ride" featuring Jadakiss. He features a well known artist, sings like theres no tomorrow, and has an ill music video to go along with it (Click Here for Music Video). In addition, he's a real playa and knows what he's doing. Check out the interview down below:

We know that we can't leave you at that, so we wanted to offer a few samples for you to check out as well:

Josh X-an-tus: "CPR"

Josh X-an-tus: "In Love With 2"

Josh X-an-tus ft. Jadakiss: "Let's Ride"

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