I hate to disappoint all the loyal readers of the site, but I will be taking about a three week absence from the site, which will then follow a one week period in which I will have an abundant amount of time to do updates, reviews, interviews, and what not. The weird thing is that after that week, I become busy again, and am going to be on a hiatus (for the second time). By the time I get back, school will be back in session and things will be busy! So don't hold out for too many posts, seeing as there will be a lot of time (about three months total) in which I will be completely out of the country, and about a week or so where I will be in town. Anyway, sign up for the contest, it ends tomorrow, and be sure to keep checking the site for more updates and reviews. ICECrush & TheSideNote got the site on lockdown while I am gone, and I am sure they will be taking care of business in my absence! I will sadly be missing the seventh game of the Wings series, and will probably miss the rest of the playoffs for both Basketball & Hockey (which sucks, but oh well!). Hit us up with any requests, interview opportunities, and questions, we are always here to help and make music fun!

To All The College, High School, & Other School Students Out There... Good Luck With The Rest Of The School Year, And Be Sure To Check Back Here To Procrastinate When You Start Studying For Finals & What Not!!!

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