Normally Remix of the Week does not come this early/late in the week, so expect a whole bunch more coming your way in the coming week.  I haven't seen any remixes up as of late, so when I stumbled upon this one, I figured it was a, "must add" on the site!  I like to keep you all well informed and well advised on what is going on in the music world, and that is one of the reasons why I do this site!  I truly loved "3 A.M." when it first started hitting the airwaves, but there just seems to be something special about Travis Barkers remix of the hit new song.  It seems as though whatever Travis remixes turns into instant GOLD.  I guess he has that golden touch.  I have never really stumbled onto any compilations of Mr. Barkers remixes, but I assume that some day there will be one formed... Maybe it will be a project for our site!?  Who knows!  Anyway, check out his remix of the hit new song, "3 A.M.", and be sure to be on the lookout for more remixes by Travis and his crazy drum skills!

Download It Here: [zShare] [MediaFire]

Travis Barker - "3 A.M." Rock (Drum) Remix:

Lethal Chaos - "3 A.M." Rock (Guitar) Remix:

Check Out The Banned Ad For Relapse:

ON A SMALL SIDE NOT (no, not the writer on our site named TheSideNote)...
Eminem recently addressed Nick Cannons accusations about his calling out Mariah Carey on his track, "Bagpipes From Baghdad" and said that he knows his comments were harsh, and he doesn't really understand why Nick Cannon was, "Wild n' Out".  Be on the lookout for more Eminem beef in the near future.  I guess we would be hard pressed to think that in Eminems return to the music industry, people would not get offended and take things the wrong way.  The dude has been rapping this way his whole career, so why do people take all his lyrics and crazy talk seriously, just let him do his thing, he is a great musician, maybe musicians out there should just take him a little less seriously when he attacks people in songs...

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