Wow, just when my day couldn't get any better, it does!!!  I just got word that B.o.B plans on releasing another mixtape before his upcoming '09 release of The Adventures of B.o.B.  The upcoming freshman LP release from the ATL musicians (and I say musician because you can't classify him as a rapper, hip-hopper, or pop musician, he falls in so many different categories!) will for sure be crazy and insanely good, but with news of a new mixtape, B.o.B fans around the world must be going crazy at the chance for some more free music!  B.o.B is taking a page out of his fellow label mates (T.I.) book in the whole alter-ego idea.  There was T.I. vs. T.I.P., a very solid album I might add, and now we get word of B.o.B doing a similar thing with a mixtape titled, Bobby Ray vs. B.o.B.  Now I must say that when he releases more mellow/rock/pop pieces, it is under his alias of Bobby Ray.  When you get those tracks like "I'll Be In The Sky" and a few others, we see the B.o.B side of Mr. Ray.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on more information on Bobby Ray vs. B.o.B and his upcoming LP release, The Adventures of B.o.B.

By the way, these videos are hilarious... The alter-ego thing is definitely a crack up by B.o.B, and he is a funny guy, should take him a long way in the music industry!  Check out the two videos below in promo for the upcoming mixtape, and be sure to come back here for more updates in the near future!

More B.o.B/Bobby Ray Coming Your Way Soon!

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