I was chatting with a few friends today, and the discussion of the Auto-Tune affect came up in conversation.  One of my friends posed the question that you can see in the title of the post... "Is Auto-Tune killing the music industry?"  Now me being the music geek that I am, sat down, and told him to check the site over the next couple of days for my opinion on it.  So here I am, writing up what I think about the Auto-Tune affect and what it has done to the music industry!

Here we go... There are a ton of positives to the Auto-Tune affect, and I think that it has had a major influence on the music game.  So many musicians out there have messed around with the affect, and some have even made a living off of it.  T-Pain really used the affect to his advantage, and he ended up putting out some really great tracks.  On the other hand, you have Kanye West, who has drawn a lot of criticism from both fans and music fans in general.  The fact of the matter is that Auto-Tune is not killing the music industry, it is killing musicians musical careers!  Here's the thing, people need to stop complaining about the use of Auto-Tune because it is a musicians choice to use the affect.  If you don't like what they put out, then don't listen to it, but to exhaust the issue to death is pointless.  Yes, the affect is not always the best thing in the world, but it is definitely interesting to listen to, and it is also stimulating to the senses.  It is something new, and a lot of people have jumped on using it, but that doesn't mean it is bad.

At the same time, one can argue that it is ruining music and is destroying the integrity and quality of music put out in the music industry in today's world.  I will have to agree that due to the sudden popularity and uprising of Auto-Tune users, music has become very similar and everyones sound is eerily the same.  I like to have a variety of music, and if every musician out there uses the Auto-Tune affect, then people will be listening to a lot of the same stuff, which really does ruin the industry.  The fact that more and more musicians out there are turning to the Auto-Tune affect is kind of scary, I mean who knows, maybe we'll start seeing Rock bands and Pop musicians using the affect... MAYBE IT TAKES OVER THE WORLD!?  It probably won't, but let's think about this for a few seconds.  I guess to sum everything up, people need to stop overreacting about the whole Auto-Tune thing, it is just a faze, and like most fazes, it will fizzle out and not be used as much.  Just give it some time folks, and the music industry will be an Auto-Tune free marketing industry!  Anyway, peep the video below by Ill Doctrine, check out Jay-Z's hit new street single called, "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" which is all over the internet now!!!  Also, leave your comments on this post, would love to hear about what you think about the whole Auto-Tune affect and its influence on the music industry!

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