DJ Benzi knows where it's at, and with his collab with LMFAO... Ah, just don't even get me started with this stuff!!!  Check out their remake remix of Wale's hit song, "Chillin" which features Lady Gaga.  The upcoming release of their mixtape, Get Right Radio : Summer '09 Edition, should be off the hook crazy, and you all need to keep yourselves updated on that by coming here.  If the mixtape is anything like the track below, then people are in store for some amazing stuff!!!  Hopefully DJ Benzi will do an interview with us following the review of his mixtape (if we can get our hands on it), and we will discuss just a whole bunch of stuff with him!

Peep the video below, and stay tuned for more DJ Benzi news coming your way in the very near future!  Dude is just sick nasty and brings the heat on every track, and I give a special thank you to Benzi for posting this up and letting music fans out there view this crazy video production they have made!  

Without further a do, I present to you... "Chillin":

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