Word on the street is that Hova's upcoming album release will be released on 9/11.  I like that he is giving it thought and all, but the album date has changed a lot, so I don't know how true to this date he will be.  The album is going to be straight up crazy, there is no question in my mind that it will be just utterly insane.  Check out the video below and see why this album is going to be just straight up crazy!  He goes in, and goes hard.  Dude isn't ready to hang up the mic yet, and it is good that he came out of retirement.  Check back here for more information on Blueprint 3, and be sure to cop the album 9/11.

P.S. Today's Frank Sinatra (Mr. Hudson) will be on the upcoming album!  Be on the lookout for this guy, dude is going to be blowing up sooner rather then later!

Kanye West + Jay-Z: "Jockin' Jay-Z":

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