As I was browsing The Revolution Will Be Tape Recorded, I came across Wale's new music video featuring Lady Gaga, "Chillin'". I didn't think much of it, and thought that I would watch it eventually, but it was no rush. Max said that it was shot on the streets of Boston, but I didn't think that had any real significance. I then get an IM from my friend Lev saying "yo that wale and lady gaga music video, the shoe store in it is this dope place in boston thats got illl shoes." And I was like, "BODEGA?!?!?!"

For those of you who have no clue what Bodega is, it's basically and underground shoe store housed in the back of a dumpy little convenience store (even the website makes you search for the good stuff). A bodega is a small convenience store that sells candy, soft drinks, lottery tickets, etc. If you had no clue that there was a shoe store in there, there would be no way that you would walk inside. My friends describe the store as very dark, old, and scary, with dudes chillin' on brand new macbooks "guarding" the doors. The beauty of the store is that to get into the shoe part you walk through a SNAPPLE MACHINE! Seriously! A Snapple Machine! Check out the video and see it for your own eyes.

Getting back to the video and the song though, they're extremely hot. Lady Gaga is great and Wale struts his stuff like the veteran he's going to become. Enjoy the vid, and if you ever go to Bodega, tell me about your experience!

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