Well, in light of Ben Folds announcing that he will be coming out with a new album, I decided to review one of his more popular releases, Rockin' the Suburbs.  Mr. Fold's killer sophomore release did pretty well, coming in at #42 on the Billboard Charts, and #11 on Internet Download Charts for 2001.  His second album has become one of his most popular releases, and more than likely always will be next to Songs for Silverman.  Overall, a great album, highly advise everyone to check it out and give it a listen!

Track Listing:
"Annie Waits"
"Zak and Sara"
"Still Fighting It"
"Fred Jones, Pt. 2"
"The Ascent of Stan"
"Losing Lisa"
"Carrying Cathy"
"Not the Same"
"Rockin' the Suburbs"
"The Luckiest"
"Hiro's Song (Japanese Bonus Track)"

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