Top Five Live Performances On SNL (All Time):
This Is Just Our Take On It, It Is Hard To Pick And Choose From All The Performances

Live Performance #1: October 18th, 1975 - Simon & Garfunkel
In only SNL's second episode, Paul Simon and his ex-partner in crime Art Garfunkel had decided that they would perform live together.  If you were to watch the performance on the DVD release of the first season of SNL, you would be able to see how awkward it was for both Simon and Garfunkel.  While this was still the case, it was a great performance, and was pretty amazing.

Live Performance #2: December 17th, 1977 - Elvis Costello
SNL's third season on the air, and of those three seasons, nothing as spontaneous as what Mr. Costello decided to do had ever happened on the show.  While Costello was scheduled to sing "Less Than Zero,"  he cut that song short, and broke into the song, "Radio, Radio."  If you really love music, and know a bit of history, and look at the lyrics of the song, "Radio, Radio," you will see as to why it was so memorable.

Live Performance #3: September 29th, 2007 - Kanye West
Kanye's live performance on September was great.  In fact, it was more than great, it was amazing!  I have not been so entertained by an SNL performance since I started watching the show back in 2002.  I had only heard stories about Kanye's live performances, but witnessing it on SNL showed me why everyone loved them so much.  Kanye West's live performance on SNL definitely deserves the number three spot here.

Live Performance #4: January 22nd, 1977 - Chuck Barry
When you can get a famous rocker like Chuck Barry on your show, your in for a great delight. Out of all the performances on SNL, his was one of my favorites, hence making it onto the top five performances of all time (in SNL history).  Chuck Barry and George Benson brought down the house that night, and boy was it memorable (even though I have only seen it on re-runs).

Live Performance #5: October 13th, 2007 - The Foo Fighters
Great performance by the Foo Fighters.  They did a great job performing and proving why they are one of the best rock bands to ever take the stage on SNL. The Foo Fighters are generically good live, and it showed on their October 13 SNL performance.

Meanwhile, I told you what I thought of Mariah Carey's performance on SNL tonight, so here is what I think!  I really liked her rendition of, "Touch My Body,"  But when the show ended, and the closing songs began, I began to really get into it.  Her supposed next single entitled, "Migrate" which will be featuring T-Pain, sounded great.  T-Pain fits into the song perfectly, adding his excellent ability to contribute to a track.

Top Eight Performers on SNL:
Dave Grohl - Has Appeared Nine Times
Paul Simon & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Have Appeared Seven Times
Randy Newman, Beck, & James Taylor - Have Appeared Six Times
The Foo Fighters & Sting - Have Appeared Five Times

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