Like I had said before, I am really excited for the Gnarls Barkley 08' release.  But while I am very excited for the release, I am also very confused!  On their (Cee-Lo's and Danger Mouse's) website, it says that the album will drop on March 2008.  I had previously stated that the album would drop in April of 2008.  So now the question is, who is right?  Obviously I am going to go with the Gnarl's Barkley homepage on this one, it is awfully hard to be a whole month off on your own website.  If you go to http://www.gnarlsbarkley.com, you will see the album cover and the words, "March 2008" underneath.  So it looks like The Odd Couple will end up dropping at some time this month!  We will let you know when we hear more about it.

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