Mariah Carey has been in the music industry for a long time now, and has really changed the industry.  Her latest single entitled, "Touch My Body" is a great song.  It flows, her voice is great (as usual), and the beat flows very nicely.  If this is any sign of what her album will be like, then I am extremely excited for it!  The music video that she released for the song is comedic and funny.  I really did like Mariah's first single, and I can't wait to hear more tracks for the upcoming April 15 release.

On a side note, some news on the album itself.  The title E=MC² supposedly stands for: "Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power."  There has been a list of songs released on the web that is supposedly the track listing of the album, but from where I am looking at it, the list of tracks has not been confirmed.

Unconfirmed Track Listing:
"Lovin' You Long Time"
"Touch My Body"
"That Chick"
"Thanx for Nothin'"
"For the Record"
"Cruise Control"
"Love Story"
"Bye Bye"

"Touch My Body" Music Video:

Make Sure To Tune Into SNL Tonight To Watch Mariah Carey Perform Live.  She Was Not Originally Scheduled To Be On The Show, But Due To Janet Jackson Becoming Ill, Mariah Will Be Taking Her Spot.  From What I Understand, She Will Be Singing, "Touch My Body" and "Migrate."  I Have Only Heard Her First Single ("Touch My Body"), So If She Sings "Migrate" I Will Let You All Know What I Think Of It!

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