This is not so much of a blog update as it is just a notification.  We (our blog) has now joined MySpace in the music section.  If you want to friend us, you can, and if you want to message us anything on there, we will be sure to respond.  Myspace will just be another tool in which our blog can utilize and use to make the way things work for us, better.  We are trying to get back to what we were doing before on the old blog.  We have contacted many musicians for interviews, but none have responded yet.  Maybe if we are lucky, MySpace will be able to help us get an artist or two to ask them questions. 

On the last blog, we had an interview all set up and in place.  Whether you know this one man band man or not, they told us to send them the questions for an e-mail interview.  So we did as they said, and e-mailed them questions.  Back on 10-17-07 we had gotten a return e-mail from Five for Fighting stating they would love to help, "contribute" to our blog (at that time on its first edition/version).  We sent them the questions back questions that same day (10-17-07). We never heard from them again.  On 2-9-08, we decided to e-mail them one last time to see if they would follow through on their part, but we still have not gotten a response.

As you can see, we have not had the best of luck getting, "Big Name Artists" in an interview, but hey, it was worth a shot!  We are still going to try and get interviews from musicians, but I personally doubt that any attempts will have great success.

If you are an up and coming artist, and have a MySpace, feel free to friend us, and in a message, let us know that you are an upcoming musician.  Plus, whether or not people know this, but we are still promoting artists.  Unlike other blogs, we only have two right now (unlike AKAvsMA's blog which has tons!)  If you would like us to sponsor you, drop us a line. 

If you want to check out our MySpace, Click Here!

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