We would first off like to apologize to all the readers, the past two weeks have been very busy for both I and my compadre'.  Next week will not be busy whatsoever, so expect a lot of posts, reviews, and new music news.  This was just a small post to apologize, and to let you all know that the blog is still alive and that we have not shut down!

A couple of things:
  1. Yes, we are still accepting artists who want to be promoted on the blog
  2. Yes, there will be more reviews
  3. No, we have been  very busy as of late, so we are sorry for the inconvenience.
So thats the scoop with what is going on with us.  Feel free to drop us a line on the chat box, or leave a comment on a review.  If there is anything you want us to review, just holler at us, and we will be sure to get on it.

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