Just found the album art for the upcoming Ne-Yo release.  Looks solid, but still does not tell me much about the album itself.  Anyways, here is some quick info on what is going on with Ne-Yo.

Closer was the first single off the album.  It did not really capture me the way I thought it would.  It is still a solid track, but not the Ne-Yo I am used to.  It has an upbeat feel to it, and like most Ne-Yo songs, it flows nicely.  The track really did not appeal much to me, but I did think that it was a decent choice for the first single.  It will get tons of air play on the radios, internet, and of course on TV stations.  Regardless of that, this track will for sure give Ne-Yo fans what they have been craving since his last release.

So anyway, if you want to give it a listen, either Click Here, or just go on YouTube, and type the track name in the search bar, and give the first single from Rn'B sensation a listen.  Let me know whether or not you like it...

Here is a list of the confirmed tracks thus far that will for sure appear in the upcoming Ne-Yo album release.  The list includes the single that I just gave a short review on...

Confirmed Tracks:
"Stop This World"
"So You Can Cry"
"What's The Matter"
"Let's Just Be"
"In the Way"
"TBD" (Feat. Patrick Stump) [<-- Unknown Track Name As Of Yet...]

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