So what can you be expecting with the blog in the coming months??? Well glad you asked (or that I asked...)! I am getting bored of this layout, and I think it is time to try and find something to spice up the blog a bit! I am also looking to add a VIP section which will feature some goodies for a certain group of members. If you want to join it, then there will be opportunities and chances to win contests to get free membership! We would leave the name of the blog the same, and hopefully the link of the blog the same. All that would be different is the layout, and of course a huge VIP section! Let us know what we should add to the blog, and also, what you want to see us do with the blog.

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SoSickWitItYo said... @ September 29, 2008 at 1:43 PM

Want to see the different layouts they are trying...? Check it out on their layout test blog at: http://test4tglr.blogspot.com/

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