I had never heard of Mr. Offishall before this album was released, so when I heard about this album called, "Not 4 Sale" I truly did not know what to expect. I was truly blown away by the cover art for the album, and once I popped the CD into my computer and gave the full album a solid listen, I was pleased with what I heard. His beats were good, and he mixes some reggae into his rhythm which was interesting. His choice for featured artists was unbelievable, and the artists he chose really did contribute a lot to how the album sounded. Rihanna, Clipse, The-Dream, Estelle, Akon, and T-Pain are all big names in the music industry, and they truly helped push this album over the top to make it what it was! Check the album out and pick up a copy of it on either iTunes or Amazon!

Track Listing:
"Burnt (Feat. Lindo P)"
"Set It Off (Feat. Clipse)"
"Dangerous (Feat. Akon)"
"Digital Motown (Feat. J*Davey)"
"Gimme Some (Feat. The-Dream)"
"Bad Like We Bad"
"Numba 1 (Tide Is High) (Feat. Rihanna)"
"Ill Eagle Alien"
"Go Home With You (Feat. T-Pain)"
"Going In"
"Bring the Fire Out"
"Family Tree (Still Eyerize) (Feat. Glenn Lewis)"
"Due Me a Favour (Feat. Estelle)"
"Dangerous (Remix) (iTunes Bonus Track) (Feat. Akon & Sean Paul)"

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