You know my fondness for sports, music and politics, where this is where they all come in together.  I am writing a sports/politics post on my music blog; how rather great!  Anyway, to the topic at hand...  Both Magic Johnson and LeBron James each had similar reactions and feelings on Barack Obama becoming America's next president.  Magic Johnson said, "He crossed all racial lines. One of the smartest men I have ever seen as a political figure, common sense as well."  LeBron stated that "It was uplifting," and "It was something that you can tell your kids, you really can become anything now. You don't have to become a basketball player. You can become President of the United States. It was definitely an unbelievable feeling. It was definitely one of those feelings that you say, 'Wow.'"

On top of that, LeBron donated $20,000 to an Obama committee to support who later become the 44th president of the Untied States of America.  Magic stated that after finding out the election results he, "Jumped up for joy, we were hollering and screaming," he said. "And then we started crying. As African-Americans we've made great strides. I think what this says is you can really become anything in life you want to become. It's really a wonderful thing that we can be able to witness this."  It is great to see superstars get involved in politics.  I think that when these big stars show they care about politics, the economy, and basic knowledge of what is going on, it translates into people around the country also taking interest.  I would hope that LeBron continued to take interest as well as many other super stars who showed up to support their candidate.

I want to give credit to ESPN for the articles on both basketball players, and I am glad that ESPN, and also the people over at MNF (Monday Night Football) for being involved in the coverage of the election.  Also, check out this sick Obama Basketball T-Shirt, it is pretty awesome.  Sheed (Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons) gave this shirt out to everyone on the team in support and in the spirit of Obama being elected the next president of the U.S.

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