You know how against Soulja Boy I truly am, but I wanted to set things straight with him.  I mean hey, I am not a big time blogger on the web, but I got an opinion, and I like to express it.  While I hope that there is nothing to big between Soulja and I, I want to get his opinion on stuff.  I e-mailed him like four times, and hopefully he will respond in the near future.  He is such a big supporter of how fans should write him e-mails, so I sure hope he checks one of our four e-mails and agrees to the interview.  If he doesn't then I guess he does not want to face what could be a challenging interview.  I am not trying to start beef with him, but my opinion of the young rapper will never change unless he is willing to give me an interview, and set stuff straight.  If he doesn't want to, then I will continue to produce articles about him, and they won't be positive...  Hope to hear from you soon Soulja Boy!

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