While I, ICECrush, am not usually a huge Obama fan, I have to give credit to him for being an awesome politician who has overcome so many things. But of course, this post is not going to be solely about me "apologizing" to Obama, because I'm not really into that type of thing. I'm into music, don't worry. But it is a new day.

Earlier this morning, Will.I.Am debuted his new Obama Anthem, "It's A New Day", on Oprah. Will.I.Am is a huge Barack Obama supporter, and is the producer of the popular Obama video "Yes We Can" (SoSickWitItYo posted about that back in Music & Politics). Contrary to popular thought, Will.I.Am's appearance on the show was a semi-impromptu visit. When Oprah saw Will.I.Am in Chicago on Election Night, they started talking about what he was working on. One thing led to another, and Oprah loved Will.I.Am's idea and invited him to the show. This former Black Eyed Peas singer is getting so much hype these days, and anyone and anything that is on Oprah blows up. Good job Will.I.Am! And I already thought you were a star, I guess now you're a superstar. You were on Oprah!

Getting back to the point of this post though, Will.I.Am is an extremely talented artist and producer, and truly loves Barack and his country. SoSickWitItYo and I love when music and politics mix, this being a perfect example. I definitely encourage you to check out this clip from Oprah, and watch out for the video dropping on a TV Set near you.

Here's your man, with the plan, WILL.I.AM!!!

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