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Well it would appear that The Killers have set a new Day & Age on the music industry, and their most recent November 24th release for sure is their best yet!  The album featured a sort of shakeup in The Killers music style as the album featured a more of a "Pop" sort of tune to it.  I truly don't know if that was what they were going for, but I liked it.  Seems like the whole Pop genre is getting popular as Kanye West has classified his most recent release as a "Pop" piece.  The album features the hit single, "Human" which sparked a lot of popularity with Killer fans.  The second single, "Spaceman" was featured a different side of the Killers music style.  It was more "Poppy" then the rest of the songs, I don't know why, it just seemed that way.

The album overall was very solid.  It featured a full lineup of songs that flow and mesh nicely and give the album a sense of stability.  Each track belted out the same confidence and each truly made the album what it was.  The great part about the album was that it wasn't as commercialized as some albums are, but that won't stop them from selling a ton of copies.  Their rep and two singles really pushed the album to where it will stand, and I think it will be one of their most successful albums to date!  So be sure to go out and pick up a copy of the album... I promise you that it won't be a let down, and if you aren't such a 'Rock' type of person, give the album a listen and decide for yourself.  Plenty of my friends who don't love Rock n' Roll love the Killers, so just check it out and be open to new stuff!  This will for sure make the Top 10 of 2008 list!

Track Listing:
"Losing Touch" (8.9 out of 10)
"Human" (9.8 out of 10)
"Spaceman" (9.7 out of 10)
"Joy Ride" (9.4 out of 10)
"A Dustland Fairytale" (8.8 out of 10)
"This Is Your Life" (8.9 out of 10)
"I Can't Stay" (9 out of 10)
"Neon Tiger" (9.75 out of 10)
"The World We Live In" (9.67 out of 10)
"Goodnight, Travel Well" (9 out of 10)

Bonus Tracks:
"A Crippling Blow (UK Bonus Track)" (9 out of 10)
"Forget About What I Said (US Bonus Track)" (9 out of 10)
"Tidal Wave (US Bonus Track)" (8.8 out of 10)
"Human (Remix) (iTunes Bonus Track)" (9 out of 10)


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