Well there always seem to be these claims and accusations about artists using other artists lyrics or beats, or even large parts of songs for their own tracks.  Recently, famous guitarist Satriani has accused and is seeking a jury trial lawsuit against the UK band Coldplay, stating that, "substantial original portions" of his instrumental song, "Is There Love In Space?" featured in CP's ever-so-popular track off of Viva la Vida.  The album titled track does sound  bit similar to the instrumental song, but I am not truly convinced that they took the music off Satriani's song.  However, there is underlying similarities between the two songs, although I do not see this "substantial" amount... as his song runs for about six minutes and roughly thirty-nine seconds.  That would constitute Coldplay using more than half (in my opinion, I don't know how much legally) of his track for their hit single, "Viva la Vida," which runs for a total of four minutes and four seconds. This being said, at least three minutes of the song would have to be taken from Satriani's track in order for it (in my mind) to constitute as there being a "substantial" amount of his track used.  Once again, Coldplay has not been convicted or proven guilty in jacking this 52 year old's six minute instrumental track. 

On top of that, Coldplay has also been accused of copying Creaky Boards track entitled, "Songs I Didn't Write."  Funny that that is the track, assuming that Coldplay may have in fact copied it!  Anyway, this song is a bit more closer to Coldplay's track than to Satriani's track.  In fact, if this is the case, who should be suing who!?  Considering that all three tracks sound so similar, it is hard for me to believe that Coldplay was the first person to hijack the chord cadence and flow of whoever had this track first.  Creaky Boards came about in 2004, and Coldplay put their track out in 2008.  Satriani is 52... and his song, "Is There Love In Space?" came out in in 2004 as well.  The Creaky Boards track was released on their second album, which was released in 2008.  So Satriani, if his claims to the songs are correct, should be charging both Coldplay and Creaky Boards.  So here are the possible scenario's for the current situation:
  1. Coldplay Did Not Copy Satriani, Creaky Boards Did
  2. Coldplay Copied Satriani, Creaky Boards Did Not
  3. Coldplay Copied Satriani, Creaky Boards Copied Coldplay
  4. Coldplay Copied Bits Of Satriani, Creaky Boards Copied Coldplay
Those are the top four ideas I have going right now...  I am truly surprised that Satriani is trying to pull this off considering they are up for the second most Grammy nominations.  Just behind Lil' Wayne, Coldplay has 7 nominations, and some do include their hit single, "Viva la Vida."  Satriani is going up against a popular rock band that has accomplished a ton in their already illustrious musical career.  Even if Satriani wins the lawsuit, he will be making some money, but his track will not gain anymore popularity.  I don't know if he is doing it to just throw himself back in the spotlight, or maybe he is doing it for the money.  Fact of the matter is that whether or not Coldplay stole a "substantial" amount or not, I don't think there is enough evidence for his "substantial" claim to be valid and worth making a case for.  Anyway, we will cover more news as this progresses, check back here in the coming weeks to find out if Coldplay will have to dish the rights to "Viva la Vida" to Satriani, or will this 52 year old guitarist just look like a fool for trying to shoot down one of the most popular bands that has come out of the UK?  Be the judge for yourself, and check out Satriani's song below, and then compare it to Coldplay's track.  What do ya think?

Satriani - Is There Love In Space?

Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Creaky Boards - Songs I Didn't Write

Coldplay's Track v. Satriani's Track:

Mashup of Coldplay & Satriani:

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