So what is so great about techno... I know of tons of people that are huge techno fans/heads, and I never really saw what was so great about it.  Then I realized something that made techno so special compared to other genre's in music.  For one thing, techno can be done by anyone anywhere, there really is no true skilled involved.  Number two, it is done on computers, and doesn't take any physical effort to do.  Lastly, have you ever been to a TECHNO RAVE!?!?!?  Anyway, ya'll are about to find out why techno is what it is, and why it will stick around forever.

So as I said above, techno can be done by anyone.  Some average Joe Shmoe in Nowheresville is able to sit down at a computer, drop a beat, chop up a song, and create his own techno mix.  Techno is a universal genre that anyone can do, and because of that, it is truly an amazing thing.  Techno can connect people from around the world, some guy in England could be working in his garage and make an amazing mix, and then some person from Mexico could be doing his thing, mashing up a song.  There are plenty of professional techno DJ's and musicians out there, but a lot of good stuff is made by people using their own things.  So ya know what I mean, it's pretty amazing that anyone can do it, and that al these people can just share and enjoy the music with one another.  It's a beautiful thing... I mean when's the last time you have heard of techno musicians 'beefing' with one another (i.e. unlike 50 Cent and Rick Ross, etc.)?  NEVER! It doesn't happen!!! It's a peaceful genre where everyone gets along.  No techno musicians have contacted me to talk about hosting some of their songs, but if you made a pretty solid techno song, beat, or something musically great (doesn't have to be techno related), send it to our e-mail.

Moving on now, computers are the new thing.  You can do anything on them!  A person can now sit down at a computer, start mixing with some beats, and put together something amazing.  I mean people who have Mac's may just be fooling around with GarageBand, and after just fooling around with it for a bit, they end up putting something great together.  I mean I could sit here on my Mac and just belt out some techno beats!  (I mean they would suck, but I could do it!)  Anyway, technology has allowed the techno movement to progress, and with new technology coming out for techno coming out every day, the beats, songs, and creativity gets better and better.

Finally, if you are a techno head (which I sure am not...) or have been to a techno rave (which I have only heard stories about), you know what I'll be talking about in this last paragraph.  TECHNO RAVES... They sound like the most fun.  Strobe lights flashing all over the place, your got all these neon and crazy glow lights and sticks floating all over the place, and a techno beat blaring through the speakers.  To me, that is way way way too much, but it sounds like it would be awesome to go to a techno rave just once!  Alright, time to wrap this sucker up.  Basically, if you are bored, go download some beat packs and a beat processor and try getting creative.  I tried it for the first time today, it was fun (I was awful at it, but who cares!)  Try something new, and have some fun with it, who knows, you may have some fun doing it!

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