Just thought I would drop some sick narsty interviews that some people did with some of the hottest musicians in the music industry.  They are all pretty great, I love this sort of stuff, can't wait for us to to start getting some big time interviews on the blog!!! Anyway, check out the interviews below and leave a comment!

KiD CuDi + Famous Stars & Strap:

KiD CuDi + Eighty81:

KiD CuDi on Crookers Remix:

KiD CuDi - DJ Green Lantern Interview:

KiD CuDi Gets Some Advice From Bun B: (Bun B Is Such A Great Guy... Would Love To See CuDi x Bun B Team Up On A Track):

More KiD CuDi News In The Coming Weeks, Be On The Lookout For More Updates As The Album Nears The Release Date!!!

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